Waste Management
Al Youseif Est are unique in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in offering a complete range of Waste Removal and Disposal services for both liquid and solid waste.Our computerized control rooms dispatch over 30 vehicles and more than 150 employees every single day
to ensure that your waste is removed on time and on budget.
The full range of Al Youseif’s waste management services include:

FOR SOLID WASTE-Removal & Disposal
• Rolf Services 17-30 cy containers
• Luggers 8-12 cy containers
• REL Services 2-6 cy containers

FOR LIQUID WASTE -Removal &Disposal
• LWR Tankers
• LWR Vaccum Tankers
• LWR Tanker Trailer
• LWR Vacuum Trailer
• LWR Setting Services
• 2000 gallons - 8,599 gallons capacity

Roads and open yards sweeping is done hydro mechanically
by the following sweepers:
• Pelican
• Crosswind
A comprehensive range of Waste Management Services from
Al Youseif Est. You can choose as much or as little as you need.
But, whatever you choose you can be sure that it will be efficiently,
professionally and cost effectively supplied.

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