Planning & Development
The key to a successful project is in the planning. Creating a project plan is the first thing we should do.the value of a project plan is in saving time, money and many problems. but generally we have steps to planning the projects are:

- Project Goals
- Project Deliverables
- Project Schedule
- Supporting Plans
- Risk Management Plan

Having followed all the steps above, we should have a good project plan. We update our plan as the project progresses, and measure progress against the plan.

Project Development is the process that takes Improvement from concept through construction. There are several Goals for this process:

To encourage early planning, public outreach, and evaluation that Project needs, goals and objectives, issues, and impacts can be identified before significant resources are expended.
to achieve consistent expectations and understanding between project
to ensure allocation of resources to projects and needs.
Help carry out projects effectively;
Ensure good project planning, design, and implementation.„

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