Beljurashi Hospital
CONTRACT NO. :          4661/4/29

CONTRACT TITLE :      Beljurashi General Hospital (200 bed) Beljurashi City, K.S.A

CONTRACT VALUE :    S.R. 67,549,089.52

CLIENT NAME :             Saudi Government

COMPLETION DATE :  Completed Successfully.


Civil/Architectural Works: surveying, earthworks, soil treatment, concreting, masonry works (tile/marble setting, CHB laying, plastering), waterproofing & insulation, steel & carpentry works, bathroom and toilet accessories, finishing (doors & windows installation, carpet, signage), painting, landscaping, asphalting etc.

Electrical Works: Interior and exterior electrical works (wires & cables, conduits, outlet & boxes, lights, switches, panel boards), Grounding & Lightning system, Fire detection & suppression system, Data and communication system.

Mechanical Works: Plumbing system (hot & cold waterlines, drainage & storm system, sewage & sanitary network, fire sprinkler system), boilers & tanks, medical gases piping network, HVAC system, diesel generators,  water purification system, sewer treatment plant, irrigation system,   Elevators, steam lines & kidney equipment's.

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